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  • Orbi  Mesh whole home WiFi System is a prodigious system to keep the internet strong in every part of your home. It is a pioneering Tri-band WiFi system that includes the Orbi router and the Orbi satellite. These two provide user with equally fast internet speed on every device inside the home.
  •  Covers large area – Doesn’t matter if you have multiple devices need internet and placed at large distances from the modem. Orbi WiFi system can provide fast internet in as large homes as 5000sq. feet. The Orbi router connects to modem (or gateway) and the Orbi satellite amplifies the WiFi signal throughout the home.
  •  Easy to set up with Orbi app – The whole system which includes Orbi router and satellite is easy to set up and use. The Orbi app is there to help the user in setting up the system and using it.
  •  Incredible speed with WiFi 6 technology– Orbi WiFi 6 system lets you enjoy 4K/8K ultra HD streaming and gaming on multiple screens at the same time. The latest WiFi 6 technology is 4X faster than WiFi 5 (802.11 ac).
  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports – Orbi router and Orbi satellite each has 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports of capacity 2.5Gbps. You can combine two ports for multi-Gigabit speed.
  • The Orbi router also works with Alexa (by Amazon) and Google Assistant. So you can control your WiFi system even with your voice.

Orbi Router/Satellite - LEDs & Hardware Descriptions

Orbi Devices LEDs colors overview

Orbi Log in
Orbi Router setup

Orbi Router Front LED

  • Pulsing White– Router is boosting or Sync button is pressed
  • Solid White– Router is resetting to default settings
  • Solid Magenta– Router having trouble connecting to internet
  • Off– Router has finished booting and working normally

Orbi Router Hardware on the Back

Orbi Router Power LED

  • Solid Green– Power is ON
  • Solid Amber– Router is booting
  • Blinking Amber– Router’s firmware is resetting to its default settings
  • Blinking Red– Router’s firmware is corrupted
  • Off– No Power is supplied to the router

Orbi Satellite Front LED

  • Pulsing White– Satellite is boosting
  • Blue– It signifies that the connection between router and satellite is good. After three minutes it turns OFF.
  • Amber– Connection between satellite and router is fair
  • Magenta– Satellite is fail to Sync with router
  • Off– Satellite is working normally in Sync with router

Orbi Satellite Hardware on the Back

Orbi Satellite Power LED

  • Solid Green– Power is ON
  • Solid Amber– Satellite is booting
  • Blinking Amber– Satellite’s firmware is resetting to its default settings
  • Blinking Red– Satellite’s firmware is corrupted
  • Off– No Power is supplied to the Satellite

Cables connection Setup (Connecting Orbi Router Log In to Modem)

To establish link between modem and Orbi router is quite easy. Follow these steps to connect modem to the router.

  • Turn OFF the power supply and unplug the modem. If your modem uses the battery then remove the battery.
  • Plug-in the modem and turn it ON. Put the battery back in if modem uses battery.
  • Connect the Internet port of the Orbi router to the modem using the Ethernet cable. Ethernet cable is provided with the router.
  • Connect the power adapter to the Orbi router and plug-in the adapter to a power outlet properly.
  • Power LED will emit Solid Green light if connections are proper. If power adapter is connected improperly to the power outlet or router, the Power LED (on the back side of router) will not light.
Setup orbi log in

Orbi Router Log In

Connecting to the Orbi network

Wired or WiFi, you can connect your computer with Orbi network in both ways. You would need to change the settings to Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) if you have set up the computer to use a static IP address.

Orbilogin com Logo

How to Make Wired Connection with Orbi router network

In the case of wired connection; use the Ethernet cable to join the router’s Local Area Network (LAN), and do as follows –

  • Check the Power LED of router (on the back side). Make sure power is ON.
  • Connect one end of Ethernet cable to Ethernet port of the computer.
  • Connect the other end of Ethernet cable to one of the Orbi router’s Ethernet ports (there are four Ethernet ports in the Orbi router).
  • A confirmation message appears on your computer is connected to the LAN.
Orbi log in with PC

How to Make Connection with Orbi router network using WiFi

Setting up connection with the Orbi network using WiFi is not a tough job. You may set up the connection in two ways. One is by scanning the QR code on the router using camera app on mobile. Your mobile must have iOS version 11 later OR Android version 10 or later. Another way is to manually find the Orbi router’s WiFi network and set up the connection. Following is the process to manually establish connection with WiFi network. Before that you must know about the types of logins to use when and where. Here it is-

  • Internet Service Login –This login information is provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). It is used to log in to your service.
  • WiFi Network Login – This information is available on router and or satellite’s label. It allows you to access WiFi. The key point to note is that the router and satellite have same network name (SSID) and password.
  • Router Login – This is the way to reach the router interface from a web browser as admin by visiting http://orbilogin.com
  • Make it certain that Orbi router and satellite is properly connected to power supply and Power LED is lit.
  • Select the WiFi network on your (WiFi enabled) computer or mobile. You can see the name of WiFi network on router’s label. The name is same for router and satellite in the Orbi WiFi system.
  • Even if you buy Orbi router and orbi satellite separately, their default WiFi network name is same.
  • Join the WiFi network and enter the password. The WiFi password is on the Orbi router’s label.
  • Once you enter the password, your computer or mobile is connected to the WiFi network.
Orbi Router Setup

Orbi Router and Orbi satellite Label

You can see in the following image that the label on Orbi router as well as Orbi satellite includes Serial number, MAC number, WiFi network name and WiFi password on the bottom. It also has a QR code to be scanned using camera app of the phone for establishing wireless connection with the router’s WiFi network.

orbilogin information

Connect using WiFi Protected Setup (WPS)

The Sync buttons on the Orbi router and satellite are the WPS buttons that help you complete Orbi setup wirelessly and without using the admin password. For this, do as follows –

  • Check the router’s Power LED. It should emit light.
  • Check the WPS instructions for your computer system or WiFi enabled device.
  • See the “Sync” button on the router and press it.
  • Press the WPS button on the device or follow the instructions shown on the screen for WPS connections.

Having done this your device is connected to the WiFi network.

Orbi WPS-Sync Button

Access the Orbi Router using web browsers

Connect to the Orbi network either with WiFi or Ethernet cable. You already know how to do this. If you don’t know, scroll up and read to know how to connect to the network. Once you connect to the network, you can access the router using web browser. Use www.orbilogin.com to access Orbi admin page. The NETGEAR installation assistant automatically tries to connect to the internet service when you access the router for the first time. You may change the settings of router once you get the access to Internet.

NOTE: You can also use IP address to access Orbi Router

Set up Orbi router using web browser before Log In

  • Check whether your WiFi enabled computer or mobile is connected to the router (through either wire or wirelessly). Prefer wired connection if you want to change the router’s WiFi settings to avoid any interruption during new WiFi settings.
  • Launch the web browser.
  • If you set up the internet connection for the first time, for your router, the browser takes you to orbilogin.com where you will see Orbi login page.
  • If you’ve already set up the internet connection, you should enter orbilogin.com in the browser’s address field.
  • Follow the instructions given on the screen to connect the router to the internet.
  • In case the you doesn’t see the web page after entering the web address, do as follows
  • Check your computer whether it is properly connected to LAN Ethernet port of router/ or WiFi.
  • Check the power supply of router.
  • Clear the browser cache or close the browser then open it again.
  • Browse orbilogin.com again in the browser.
  • It occurs rarely, but your computer might have static IP address. If so then change the setting to obtain IP address automatically from router.
  • If there is problem between router and internet to connect with each other, do as follows
  • Check the settings and make sure that appropriate options are selected everywhere and all the entries are correct where you’ve manually entered the credential or data.
  • Check your internet configuration particulars whether they are correct or not. You may contact your internet service provider to verify the correctness of your internet configuration information.
  • If the issue persists, contact NETGEAR technical support at support.netgear.com. Register your product before contacting the support.

Orbi router web interface

Once you log in to Orbi, you will see router’s web interface. You can change router settings using this interface. Know how to log in to Orbi, do as follows

  • Open the browser from your device which is connected to your Orbi network.
  • Enter orbilogin.com in the browser. A login window will open on your screen.
  • Enter user name and password in the login window.
  • Put “admin” in the user name field and password is same as you used previously to log in for the first time. Both of these fields are case sensitive.
  • Having done this you will see the BASIC home page on the screen.
Orbi Router log in Interface

Orbi Router Log In Setup Wizard

orbi setup wizard

You can see your router’s internet settings in this wizard and automatically set up your router. Do as follows to set up your router-

  • Open the browser from the device connected to Orbi network.
  • Enter orbilogin.com in the browser.
  • Enter user name (default user name is “admin”) and password (default one is “password”) in the log in window. Remember that user name and password are case sensitive.
  • The BASIC home page displays on the screen.
  • To open the setup wizard, go to ADVANCED > Setup Wizard.
  • Click “Yes” button. If you select “No”, you are redirected to manual set up of internet connection.
  • Click “Next” button.

The setup wizard determines your ISP configuration and checks operation mode automatically.

Orbi Log: Satellite Setup

Orbi log in Satellite Setup
  • Open the browser from the device connected to Orbi network.
  • Enter orbilogin.com in the browser.
  • Enter user name (“admin”) and password (same as you used to log in for the first time) in the log in window. Remember that user name and password are case sensitive.
  • You will be redirected to Orbi admin settings page. Select the appropriate options from this page to check the internet connectivity.
  • On receiving the internet connectivity confirmation message, select “Setup Orbi Satellite”.
  • The satellite unit will be automatically detected.
  • Chose to initiate the setup.
  • Set the Orbi satellite’s admin password and select password recovery options.
  • Set the name and password for your wireless network.
  • Connect your computer to the network you’ve just created.
  • Go back to Orbilogin.com, there you will see message about completion of configuration.

Reset Orbi Log System

Resetting Orbi system deletes your personalized settings and restores the default ones. If you want to rest your Orbi system to factory default settings, do as follows-

  • Remove all the Ethernet cables from the Orbi Device.
  • Make sure your Orbi device is receiving the power supply.
  • Press and hold the “Reset” button on the device until the Power LED of device blinks amber.

The device is reset.

Reset Orbi