Automatic Internet setup on Orbi Router

Automatic internet setup orbi
  • Launch the browser from the device you have connected to the router’s network.
  • Enter

Following which a login window opens.

  • Enter the user name (“admin”) and password (same as used for logging in for the first time). User name and password are case sensitive.
  • Select “Internet” from the BASIC home page (displays when user name and password are entered). You are taken to the internet setup page after this.
  • On the Internet setup page, you will see two radio buttons (Yes, No) that ask you “Does your internet connection require a login”. Select “No”.
  • Enter “Account Name” (if required) in the respective field.
  • Similarly, enter the “Domain Name” (if required).

You may change other settings as well.

  1. Select Internet IP Address. You are given following radio buttons to chose from-
    • Get Dynamically from ISP – your ISP automatically assigns dynamic IP addresses using DHCP.
    • Use Static IP Address – When you chose this radio button, you need to enter the IP address, IP subnet mask, and gateway IP address as assigned by your ISP.
  2. Select Domain Name Server (DNS) Address radio button –
    • Get Automatically from ISP – your ISP automatically assigns this address using DHCP.
    • Use These DNS Servers – if you have the information that your ISP requires particular servers, select this option. Enter the IP address of the primary DNS server of your ISP and if you know, then enter the IP address of the secondary DNS server too.
  3. Select Router MAC Address radio button –
    • Use Default Address – select this option if you want to use default MAC address.
    • Use Computer MAC Address – if you select this option, the router uses the MAC address of your device connected to the router’s network.
    • Use This MAC Address – select this option to enter the MAC address that you want to use.
  4. Click the “Apply” button to save the settings.
  5. Click the “Test” button to test your internet connection.

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