Change or Reset Orbi Admin Password

Reset orbi admin password

Change Orbi Admin account Settings

  • On your device that is connected to Orbi network, open your browser and enter
  • A login window opens. Enter user name (default one is “admin”) and password (default one is “password”).
  • New page displays, BASIC Home page. From this page, select “ADVANCED > Administration > Set Password.”
  • Again a new page, Set Password Page displays.
  • Set your new password and “APPLY” changes.

Your new password is set.

How to Reset Orbi Admin Password using Pinhole Button

  • Use a paperclip or pin.
  • Remove all the ethernet cables from the Orbi Device.
  • Make sure power supply is up and solid power LED.
  • Look at back of the router or satellite, you’ll find a pinhole button labeled as reset.

Wait until sees Solid power LED.

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