Resolve Important Orbi Firmware Errors

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Orbi Firmware Errors while update

Quick Solutions For Orbi Firmware Updates

Let's Discuss some Orbi Firmware Errors you face while updating the Firmware!

To expect the proper functioning from your orbi, it is important to keep the updated firmware. By updating the firmware will not only solve your setup and “no internet issues” but also improve network security and performance.

So, as you know Orbi router does not work alone, to boost the network signal, it always works with the Orbi Satellite, users are required to update the firmware of both network devices.

Fortunately, the Netgear Orbi router is designed with an in-built auto-firmware update feature. But users have two options to update their firmware;

Manually Updating Firmware

Manual Update is the best option when facing critical errors while updating firmware.

Automatically Updating Firmware

Auto-update saves a lot of time but can give you some trouble and can crash the router & satellite.

Orbi Firmware Errors and Problems with Solutions

Orbi Firmware errors
Note:These solutions can be applied on any Orbi Model

Problem 1: Weak Internet Connection

Sometimes even after connected to your wireless network, your orbi does not auto-update firmware, that’s because of the weak network strength.


To update the orbi router and satellite firmware, you are required to have a high-speed internet connection. During the setup and installation, users just need to keep a few things in mind such as;

  • Keeping the router in right place.
  • Placing the Satellite at equal distance from router.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect with a wired network instead of a wireless network, if there is a weak network.

Once the weak signal converts into the high-speed network, the orbi router will start performing the firmware update process.

Problem 2: My Satellite gets disconnected during the Orbi Router Firmware Update?


Every time you try to install the Orbi firmware update, Satellite gets disconnected, right? For this, you can do firmware update one by one. First, do a factory reset of the router because you need to update Orbi satellite firmware first. Start the setup process again by skipping the Satellite setup. Also, keep your orbi router and Satellite at a distance of 30 feet.

Now do manual updating of Orbi Satellite firmware!

Problem 3: I am not able to download the Firmware File?


If you are connected with your satellite and now trying to download the firmware update file but unable to do? Then you should try it with the Orbi router setup first. For this, set up your orbi router and try to do a manual update. Once you successfully set up the orbi router, do log in with your orbi credentials.

Now go to the advance settings tab and click on the firmware update.

  • Go for the manual update instead of the automatic.
  • Open another browser page and click on the wireless router/firmware option.
  • Now search for the model name of your router such as RBR50.
  • Scroll down to the Firmware and Software Download and click on it. Click on the latest version of Orbi Satellite and Orbi router download Zip file and again move to the login page at or
  • At the login page, under the Firmware Update, you will see two options, one for the Router and the second for the Satellite, click on the Orbi Satellite to download manually.
  • A pop-up will open where you will ask to log in to your router one more time.
  • After logging, upload the downloaded zip file of the Orbi Satellite.
  • Once uploaded, it will show you the current version of your Orbi satellite and the latest version. Also, you will ask whether you want to download the latest firmware or not.
  • Click on YES to download the latest firmware. Here you go, updating if successfully done.

Also, you take the help of online tech support if you are stuck anywhere!

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