Orbi Internet Setup using ISP Login- Spectrum, AT&T, Frontier

Orbi internet setup

You always have option to set up the router automatically. Yet if you want to set router up manually, you can use web browser without any problem. Get the ISP information ready with you before you start the set up process. However, if your internet connection is already working, you don’t have to launch the ISP login program. You automatically get logged in when you start an Internet application.

Knowledge of ISP information is important in case you set up internet first time. By ISP information, we mean the information provided to you by your service provider to connect with the World Wide Web. It should include-

  • Information of ISP configuration for DSL account
  • ISP login name and password
  • Static IP address settings (in case of special deployment by ISP; this setting is infrequent). Contact your ISP if you can’t find this information.

Follow The Directions Carefully

  • Open the browser from the device connected to the Orbi network.
  • Enter orbilogin.com in the browser.
  • Enter the user name (“admin”) and password (same as you used to log in for the first time) in the log in window. Remember that user name and password are case sensitive.
  • The BASIC home page displays on the screen.
  • Select “Internet” to open the Internet setup page.
  • On the Internet setup page, you will see two radio buttons (Yes, No) that ask you “Does your internet connection require a login”. Select “Yes”.
  • Select “Internet Service Provider” from the menu. Choose the encapsulation method from – “PPPoE”, “PPTP”, or “L2TP”.
  • Enter your login name in the given field. Usually, the login name is an email address.
  • Type the password in the given field that you use to log in to your internet service.
  • Type in the “Service Name” in the given field if your ISP requires it.
  • Go to the “Connection Mode” menu and select “Always On”, Dial on Demand”, or “Manually Connect”.
  • You can change the Internet login time-out period through the “Idle Timeout (In minutes)” field. Specify the time (minutes) in the given field.

In this field, you specify how long the router should keep the internet connection active when no one using the internet. If you specify zero (0) minute, the connection will stay active always. Users will not be logged out ever.

  • Select Internet IP Address. You are given following radio buttons to chose from-
    • Get Dynamically from ISP – your ISP automatically assigns dynamic IP address using DHCP.
    • Use Static IP Address – When you chose this radio button, you need to enter the IP address, IP subnet mask, and gateway IP address as assigned by your ISP.
  • Select Domain Name Server (DNS) Address radio button
    • Get Automatically from ISP – your ISP automatically assigns this address using DHCP.
    • Use These DNS Servers – if you have the information that your ISP requires particular servers, select this option. Enter the IP address of the primary DNS server of your ISP and if you know, then enter the IP address of the secondary DNS server too.
  • Select Router MAC Address radio button
    • Use Default Address – select this option if you want to use default MAC address.
    • Use Computer MAC Address – if you select this option, the router uses the MAC address of your device connected to the router’s network.
    • Use This MAC Address – select this option to enter the MAC address that you want to use.
  • Click the “Apply” button to save the settings.
  • Click the “Test” button to test your internet connection.

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