Important Orbi RBS850 Firmware Update Version

Firmware Update

Orbi RBS850 AX6000 New Firmware Update Version!

RBS850 Firmware Update

Automatic Firmware Update

Firmware Failed to Update

How to Apply this Update on RBS850 via

Do you know that orbi automatically updates its firmware? But if your router or satellite is not doing this, you can manually update the orbi firmware via Recently the Netgear has launched its newest firmware RBS850 So, if you are still running on the older version of firmware, update it, before it says “no internet” to you!

Because to run the Orbi router & satellite properly, the firmware of the orbi needs to have the updated version.
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automatic update

How to apply Automatic Firmware Update in your Orbi?

There is an option “Auto-Update” inside the setting of orbi admin panel, you must turned it on. Sometimes due to the technical reasons, firmware fails to update automatically, so today we are going to tell you basic tips to setup an update for firmware. Read below:

  • To start with, download Netgear genie mobile app or orbi app. Install and launch it on your mobile.
  • You can do this via
  • For this, you need to connect your device with the orbi network, once connected either choose or Orbi app to login.
  • You will prompt to enter the username and password whatever you have chosen.
  • Completing the sign-in process, move to the wireless settings page.
  • Visit on Advanced Settings tab.
  • Under the Administration tab you will see a Firmware Update option.
  • You will see two options: Click on Update tab to find new firmware update. Else choose “Automatic-Update” at online tab section.

Facing Issues with Firmware?

RBS850 Firmware Update

So this is the end of Orbi firmware update, Let move further with some tips and troubleshooting that you try to fix the “not updating firmware” issues.

  1. Restart every device (Router and Satellite) – For this, you need to abort all the current working process and turn off the plugs from both router and satellite. Now waiting for a few minutes. Once connect again both devices to the power supply. Try to log in this time, working or not?
  2. Diagnose the Wi-Fi Connectivity: Sometimes, the wireless network unable to deliver sufficient network strength to update the firmware. So don’t be over-angry if your orbi is not doing an automatic firmware update, just reset the router, use a wired network and once you get the desired network speed, do update firmware.
  3. Might Replacing the Satellite Will Help: Placing the orbi satellite near to the router gives high-speed Wi-Fi signals. This can work!

What to Do If Firmware Failed to Update?  

In case, you find Orbi is creating an issue in firmware updating, do this;

  1. Restart the Orbi router & satellite.
  2. Open the laptop which has an update or latest version browser- Firefox, Chrome.
  3. Login to the device at or using the passwords and username.
  4. Visit the Maintenance area and click on Firmware update.
  5. Look for the latest firmware model and download its file in your system.
  6. Now it’s time to upload that downloaded files and here the orbi firmware is updated

Still gets an error, you need to visit the technical expert right now!

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