Syncing Orbi Satellite with Orbi Router

How to sync orbi

Remember one thing that you shouldn’t move out of a satellite in another room. Keep the satellite in the room where your router is. Within the same room, you have to adjust the satellite to be at a perfect distance from the router so that the syncing doesn’t become a massive task for you.

After doing the placement Orbi satellite, you need to Sync the satellite with the Orbi router. We assume that you have already connected the router to the power outlet. Further, do as follows –

  • Connect the satellite to a power outlet. When a satellite gets power supply, satellite LED lights white. White light means the satellite is ready to sync with the router. The same applies to the Orbi router.
  • Press the “Sync” button of the router. Do the same for satellite. The satellite automatically detects the router’s WiFi signal. See the change in the color satellite LED. If it emits –
    • Blue light – then the Orbi router and Orbi satellite are successfully synced and the connection between the two is good.
    • Amber light – then you should change the position of the satellite. Place the satellite closer to the Orbi router because the connection between two is fair but not good enough.
    • Magenta light – the connection between the satellite and the router is not established.
  • Do the following if the satellite LED is Magenta-
    • Unplug the Orbi satellite from the power outlet.
    • Place the satellite closer to the router.
    • Plug-in back and wait for two minutes to see the satellite LED changing the light. LED should emit Blue light if a satellite is placed at an appropriate location.

Keep adjusting the satellite’s position until you find the satellite’s LED gives you a blue signal. Find the right place or Contact Orbi helpline if you are not able to find the solution.

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