Updating Firmware on Orbi Router Manually

orbi router firmware update manual

Make sure you have updated the firmware on the satellite before start updating your router. If you have already updated the firmware on the satellite, follow these steps to update firmware manually on the Orbi router –

Login window opens.

  • Enter your login credentials.

Default user name is “admin” and password is “password”. If you have not changed the default credentials, use these ones to log in to the router. DEFAULT NOT WORKING?

The BASIC Home page displays.

  • Select ADVANCED tab.
  • On ADVANCED page, select Administration> Firmware Update > Manual Update.

Firmware Update page displays.

  • Click the “Browse” button to proceed.
  • Locate and select the firmware file (of router) that you downloaded.

The file name extension of router firmware is “.img”.

  • Click “Upload” button to start the process.

Uploading starts. The firmware will be updated in a few minutes.

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