Updating Firmware on Orbi Satellite Manually

Orbi satellite firmware update

You can manually upload the firmware update on satellite. For this, do as follows-

Login window opens.

  • Enter your login credentials.

Default user name is “admin” and password is “password”. If you have not changed the default credentials, use these ones to log in to the router. DEFAULT NOT WORKING?

The BASIC Home page displays.

  • Select ADVANCED tab.
  • On ADVANCED page, select Administration> Firmware Update > Manual Update.

Firmware Update page displays.

  • See the model number of your satellite on the page and select the check box next to it.

If you have more than one satellite, you need to update the one satellite at a time. Let the first satellite update. Once done, update the next one.

  • Click “Update” to proceed.

Orbi Satellite Firmware Update window opens.

  • Enter the login credentials in the window.

Use same credentials as you used to log in to the router.

  • Click “Browse” button to proceed.
  • Locate the satellite firmware file that you downloaded.

The file name extension of satellite’s firmware is “.img” or “.chk”.

  • Select the firmware file and click “UPLOAD” button.

Wait for a few minutes. Upload takes some time to finish.

  • Select “Status” and double check the firmware version.

Sit back and relax! The firmware on your satellite is updated.

1 thought on “Updating Firmware on Orbi Satellite Manually”

  1. Let me tell you sometimes I need to login to satellites through IP address.
    Usually, I log in to my orbi router first using the default URL which is http://orbilogin.com.
    Later I check my connected devices. Look for my satellite and check the Ip address. Now I open another tab and type the IP address like this's my Ip address and it can be different on yours.) now I log in with the same username and password for my router and update it manually like told above. Don’t type the IP address in the search bar instead, type it in the address bar.

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